Botas de Barro

Botas de Barro Almansa - Garnacha Tintorera

Almansa is one of Spain´s best kept secrets. Its indigenous grape,
Garnacha Tintorera, has the unique characteristic of coloured flesh in
addition to its red coloured skin. As a result, the grape produces wine
of intense colour.  Located on the southern flat plains its semi-arid climate together with
low fertile soils ensure low yielding vines. The region produces
aromatic wines of deep colour with good tannic structure.

Botas de Barro Jumilla - Monastrell

Jumilla is located between the mediterranean coast and the Castilla La
Mancha high, flat arid plains and with its semi arid “continentalmediterranean”
climate it is the driest wine region in Spain.
Monastrell, the star grape, produces wines of intense colour, good
structure with rounded tannins and intense fruit flavours (ripe black
berry fruits, cherries, strawberries and blackcurrants).

Botas de Barro Ribera del Duero - Tempranillo

Another of Spain´s great wine regions is Ribera del Duero which is
located along the banks of the majestic River Duero. This is a key
factor in creating the region´s unique microclimate and an essential
source of water that enables the vines to develop. Here we find
great quality wines made from the “Tempranillo”, locally known as
Tinta Fino or Tinta del Pais. The ripening season is long with large
differences in temperature between day and night which helps
improve the grape´s aromatic qualities. The limestone soil with sand
and clay adds character and complexity to the wines.

Botas de Barro Rioja - Tempranillo

Situated in northern Spain La Rioja is synonymous with quality all
over the world and is without doubt Spain´s most well known region.
The region has a long and glorious winemaking tradition and uses its
star grape “Tempranillo”, although other varieties are permitted.
Thanks to its temperate climate and soils (sand, limestone and clay)
irrigated by the River Ebro, the Tempranillo in this region is elegant,
aromatic and produces wines with great aging potential.

Botas de Barro Rueda - Verdejo

Rueda is without doubt one of Spain´s best white wine regions
thanks to its indigenous grape, Verdejo. The region produces
fresh wines with good acidity and an incredible aromatic
intensity. The character of Rueda is defined by three elements: its
grape Verdejo, its continental climate and its gravelly soils. It
produces wines with amazingly intense fruit character and good

Botas de Barro Toro - Tinta de Toro

Toro is one of the oldest wine regions in Spain and is considered as
one of the most premium regions for the production of great red
wines. Thanks to its extreme temperatures and dry climate, here the
grape Tempranillo, known locally as Tinta de Toro, produces full
bodied wines with great aromatic complexity and an incredibly
intense colour. Some of the oldest vineyards in the world (140 years
and older) can be found in this region thanks to its sandy soils that
protected the area from the devasting phylloxera plague at the end of
the 19th Century. These are also some of the lowest yielding vines in
the world!!