About 900 kilometers north of Mendoza, the Chanarmuyo Valley lies between Cafayette and San Juan on the Argentina Wine Trail.  Fifteen years ago, Jorge Chamas saw rugged mountains and desert – and more importantly, a great deal of potential to grow great grapes.  He started by planting 100 hectares at elevations approaching 7,000 feet above sea level.  Jorge then brought on the famous Argentine team of Andrea Marchiori and Luis Barraud to oversee the winemaking.   Today, the Paiman Group produces 40,000 cases across three brands of wine.  Of the three, KEO is the only one to earn a Fair Trade designation.  The dry alluvial soil, very hot days and cool nights of the Chanarmuyo Valley produce fruit similar to that cultivated in Uco and Tupungato, but the abundance of sunlight in Chanarmuyo elevates these wines to new heights.  

KEO Roble Blend

KEO Roble Cabernet Sauvignon

KEO Cabernet Sauvignon

KEO Roble Malbec

KEO Roble Tannat