Vicentin Family Wines

We are a family with a vision of progress and work. For more than a century we have been building the future in our land of Argentina. 

The first stop in this journey is the selection of the greatest vineyards. We achieve uniqueness through the terroir and through the different latitudes and altitudes in the province. We work with traditional farming families that for generations and decades have nurtured the vineyard, its secrets, mysteries and advice.

The second key factor in this quest is an own family tradition: a vision of the future and the bet on it. We have been building the future for more than a century. So we embark on this trip, and we do it together with friends, those great wine artists that become the makers of the essential nectar. They are the ones that turn the uncorking of a bottle into an unparallel moment. In the first editions, we were joined by a special guest, the great master of winemaking Paul Hobbs, a real alchemist, a pioneer in winemaking in Argentina since the 80s.

The first harvest took place in 2010. We came about with a Malbec originated from 5 singular vineyards, selected through classic and exotic concepts, through the singularity of each terroir. Our goal was to make our first malbec blend high-end, we did it and now we share it.