The Best Deal in Fine Wine Today Is …

Source: Wine Spectator (subscription required)

Although there is no denying that one of the most delicious elements of fine wine is the pleasure of disputing someone else's opinion, sometimes it seems that this can get out of hand. Put simply: Is there anything that we can agree on?  In the interests of what might be called "wine comity," I would like to take a stab at some possible categories that perhaps we can all agree upon. Of course, I have no illusions that any such thing will be accomplished. But, what the hell, it's worth a try.

For example:

The Best Deal in Fine Wine Today Is …

Malbec from Argentina. I admit that this is a category open to other nominations that are equally as legitimate as Argentina's Malbec. Nevertheless, among all of the many deals available today—Loire Valley wines, various reds from southern Italy and an uncountable number of wines from Spain—

I'm prepared to hold firm about Argentine Malbec.  What's it got that makes it such a great deal? Argentina's Malbecs offer a killer combination of genuine originality and an almost absurdly low price. No other wine tastes quite like the best Malbecs from Argentina. This originality is all the more impressive considering that Malbec is not exactly unknown elsewhere, especially in its native France. Yet when it was transplanted to Argentina it  became a startlingly new wine life-form. All that for what? Fifteen bucks a bottle?

Matt Kramer  Drinking Out Loud  Posted December 6th, 2011