The driving force of wine exports

Source: Winesur

Bulk is still the driving force of wine exports
November 30, 2012 by María Eugenia Aznar | in Exports, News

During January-October period, the overall wine exports grew by 9.8% compared with the same period of last year. Of this upturn, 83% was propelled by bulk sales that account for 15.4% of the total exported wine.

Argentina’s Exports remain showing numbers not very encouraging with regard to bottled wine. However, comparing January – October 2012 with the same period of 2011, a slight increase of 1.5% has been registered in terms of turnover, whereas the volume suffered a drop of almost 6%, according to Caucasia Wine Thinking’s data. In this sense, wine in bottle pushed turnover up, compensating for the fall in the exports of wine in other kind of container.

During this period, bottled wine exports garnered around USD 612 million and almost 17 million cases, with an average price of USD 36.4 per case. United States is still the main destination, with a share of 36.1%. This market continues with the same upward trend in turnover, and downward in volume, due to the rise in prices.

For its part, Canada remains doing well in terms of both turnover and volume, amounting to USD 72 million and 2 million cases during the measured period, with an average price of USD 39.5 per case.

On the contrary, Brazil has dropped 16% by turnover and 20% by volume, with an average price per case of USD 34.2, below the general average.

Sparkling wines continue enjoying a good year, climbing to almost USD 20 million and 3.6 million liters, having an average price per liter of USD 5.45. Brazil remains being the leading destination, though it has a bad performance over the past months; whereas Venezuela and Chile registered a great boost in both value and volume.

Finally, wines in bulk continue on the up, garnering USD 57 million and 68 million liters, with an average price of USD 0.86 a liter. It is noteworthy that, in the analyzed period, bulk wines account for 15.4% of the total wine exports.